Art Designer

Art and fashion designer – Giulio Guidotti is from Italy – He was born in Viareggio. Giulio had a wonderful childhood and always knew deep within his soul that he was destined to be a designer. After completing his school years Giulio decided to attend the institute of art – Felice Palma Massa / Carrara. His artistic journey began.

Italian Art & Design - Giulio Guidotti


After the institute of Art, Giulio furthered his artist experience by moving on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence L.A.B.A , he studied art and graphic design, and graduated in 2012 , with a theseus on fashion and the development of a brands. The following year, after gaining his experience, within the University,  Giulio created his own clothing brand – Giulio Guidotti for men and women. His designs were based on prints deriving from his personal unique paintings or using parts of them.

Italian Art & Design - Giulio Guidotti


After 5 years as an artist, Giulio felt the need to expand his skills, and achieved a master degree in fashion and contemporary art design at the AFOL fashion school in Milan after attending a course in textile design. From his experiences It has enriched his life and put things into perspective. Giulio produced his first art collection of swimwear and scarves, and after having limited until now the production of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

 Italian Art & Design - Giulio Guidotti

Even in the pictorial field there is a change of style, from a purely abstract style, now it is recognised for its floral style, while still maintaining a surrealistic impression, also suitable for textile design in the creation of clothing fabrics.

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