Marina Popska  love for art began way back when she was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, the family of fourth generation textile and fashion designers. It all began with her GreatGrandfather who built up a jersey and jacquard factory in central Bulgaria. His daughter (Marina’s grandmotherbecame a famous tailor in the town. Marina’s mother, inherited her skills and is now a Professor –  Dr. Penka Dimitrova, who is a prestigious Ladieswear and Textile Designer, and a long time tutor at Sofia University.

Marina’s love for art and design began at an early age and was encouraged by my mother. Growing up surrounded by hundreds of paintings and books, she has been creating and drawing and singing for as long as she can remember herself. At the age of 13 she was accepted at the National Applied Art gymnasium where she specialised for 5 years in Textile Design. After her graduation she enrolled at the National Academy of Arts and graduated with honours. Marina then went on to take a bachelors and masters degree in Textile Art and Design. During her study she took part of numerous exhibitions and festivals throughout the country as well and Europe and USA. Furthermore, Marina was awarded with Erasmus Socrates scholarship and in 2002 where she studied Textile Design at the Polytechnique University of Lappeenranta, Finland.

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In 2006, Marina continued her education in San Francisco USA, at Academy of Art University, where she was granted a second master with honours in Fashion and Knitwear design. Her graduation collection “Light” is showcased at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week Spring/Summer 2010. The designs belong to creative knitwear prints presented in several avant-garde designs. The textile inspiration comes from a philosophic interpretation of spiritualism and nature forms. The rich and vibrant colour palette combines multiple knitwear techniques including experimental jacquard with her love of art designing a  heavy entargea knit. Followed by numerous media coverage including publication in NY Times by Suzy Menkes and Telegraph UK by Hillary Alexander, the designs reach wide popularity among the fashion community.

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After graduation in 2009, Marina started her professional career as ladieswear and knitwear design assistant collaborating on several collections, taking place in New York Fashion Week.

In 2011, she returns back in Europe and continues her work in London UK. Although most of her experience focus on couture and high street womenswear Design, she never stops creating Textile Prints and designs as a freelancer. Over the years, Marina has gained significant experience in the industry, and being an eclectic and diverse designer helped her progress in her career. 

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Marina enjoys experimenting in various artistic fields, applying her technical skills and eclectic knowledge in producing innovative arrangements for original results in bought art and design. Most of her inspiration comes from nature, architecture, art, various designs, culturesphotography, scientific and religious sources. She enjoys combining multiple techniques such as hand drawing, watercolour, oil, CAD, photography, collage, and much more. 

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