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The topic on bedroom interiors is always changing as we move closer into Winter, you start to get excited about what you can change for the winter season in your own home. Trend forecasters however, are thinking a year or even two years ahead of next Winters patterns and are constantly looking for designs that will compliment there forecasts.


Above design by by Hannah Leclancher 


One thing that is constantly adapting is the bedroom look, not to expensive to change and you can completely adapt the layout and colour scheme to match the warmer winter season. People love to see whats trending for the bedroom, lets take a look at our current  Winter trends and how you can adapt them to move into the next years winter season.


Above Design By Lesley Race


This year sees bolder deep rich colours such as plums and damsons, and berry colours accentuated by emerald greens and rustic hues. Wall colours are not just being featured on one wall but its moving into covering all walls to give warmth and depth to the winter scheme.

bedroom interiors by surface pattern marketplace

Above Pattern By Agne 


If you prefer to go for wall paper, deep rich florals with wooded plum colours are a great accent to the overal effect to your winter wonderland.  It is entirely up to you if you still prefer the standard feature wall behind your head board or go for it bold and do all the walls, for a total eclipse to nature. Bring the outdoors in this year.



Bedding can compliment your walls by featuring heavy florals with hues and accents of the wall covering to tie it all together. Deep violet, and dark navy with touches of the deep emerald green are all key colours this winter. To tie this all together add touches of heavy winter faux fur rugs and berry coloured throws to add that touch of opulence to your room. If you go for the heavy deep floral walls then you can op for the natural linen neutral coloured covers for your beds, but give them an affluence touch by adding the luxury faux fur accents and deep berry throws to give it warmth and texture to your room.


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