Multiple Use Designs

Multiple Use Designs   Art Prints – Royalty Free Designs Multiple Use Designs – Here at the Surface Pattern Marketplace we feature and offer for license some outstanding designs. Our designs can be used as ‘art prints’ to make that fabulous statement piece over your fireplace, or even on a bedroom wall or hallway to […]

Bespoke Pattern and Design Service

BESPOKE PATTERN AND DESIGN SERVICE   The Surface Pattern Marketplace combines their recognisable creativity and bespoke formulation to offer you a bespoke pattern and design service, offering you a truly unique service collaborating with their in house pattern design team that will work with you from developing your sketches to your final bespoke finished design. […]

Animal Print Trends Autumn 2018

ANIMAL PRINT TRENDS AUTUMN 2018 Animal Print is big news this Autumn you will see it popping up all over the place, not only for women’s wear but for men’s wear too, The latest animal print designs have been featured in New York, Paris and London at the latest fashion shows. The trend is all […]

Bespoke Service

BESPOKE SERVICE Our bespoke service offers direct customers something unique for your home. Our service offers you the chance to have one of our unique designs made up on an item for your own home, office, summer house, or yacht.   EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS Using our Exclusive Premium Designs – The following products can be produced […]

Bedroom Interiors – Winter 2019

Bedroom Interiors The topic on bedroom interiors is always changing as we move closer into Winter, you start to get excited about what you can change for the winter season in your own home. Trend forecasters however, are thinking a year or even two years ahead of next Winters patterns and are constantly looking for […]

Paisley Patterns Winter 2018 / 19

The Paisley Patterns Paisley patterns are the new floral for this winters must have pattern. If you are really into fashion then this is the must have pattern that will be featured in every trend setters wardrobe this winter. Fashion forecasts have been telling us this design will come back in fashion, and now it […]

Swimwear Trends Summer 2020

Swimwear – Holiday Season Swimwear 2020 is key in every ones minds at the end of the season, when everyone takes a break and heads south for a holiday, anywhere close to the sun sand and sea, getting a much needed rejuvenation, for a couple of weeks and time with the family before heading back […]