Animal Print and Pattern Trends Autumn 2018


Animal Print is big news this Autumn you will see it popping up all over the place, not only for women’s wear but for men’s wear too, The latest animal print designs have been featured in New York, Paris, and London at the latest fashion shows. The trend is all things animal, urban jungle. Mixing and matching patterns to create a fabulous animal vibe.


It is whispered to be featured heavily into next year’s fashion and forecast to appear on Spring and Summer high street clothing as well as swimwear –  women’s, men’s, and children’s for a stunning take on the animal trend.


The top designers are going wild and showcasing urban jungle vibes with leopard prints in all colors, Tom Ford creating the really wild look on a red suit including the coats and Leggings, Diane Von Furstenberg has revamped her line of the yellow leopard print and shows it on a wonderful chiffon leopard print dress.


Victoria Beckham was also seen showcasing a leopard print coat in her latest collection, made from lightweight chenille jacquard, based on the wonderful Venetian upholstery fabric, she takes on the animal print was one of the most talked-about pieces in the Autumn show. Victoria also features animal prints on the catwalk in her Spring and Summer 2019 Collection models seen wearing a wonderful animal print skirt and blouse.  Carolina Herrera’s Collection featured a fabulous animal print dress in bold red with animals all over. The area featured a fantastic animal print coat as well as Calvin Klein, R13, Zadig, and Voltaire.

Here at the Surface Pattern Marketplace, we wanted to share with you our take on the really wild animal print collections. Our designers from all over the World, exhibit their latest collections on our marketplace and are available to license through us.

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Vogue Autumn Winter Really Wild Show

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