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Design Challenge 19 / On Safari

The On Safari Design Challenge

Design challenge week 19. The surface pattern marketplace sends out a weekly design challenge to all creative designers that have joined their marketplace. The weekly design challenge is a great way to really test their creativity and skills. By accepting the challenge they then have to create a design in their handwriting, giving their own interpretation of the challenge.

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Featured on a Women’s Scarf – Hot Sun Safari By Ruth Goodwin

Safari Surface Pattern

Each week the surface pattern marketplace chooses a topic that is relevant or has recently been in the fashion or home interiors blogs or trend news.

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Featured on a women’s Dress, ‘Hot Sun Safari’ By Ruth Goodwin

This week they decided the challenge on a recent Paris Runway show, exhibiting some fabulous Safari Designs for women’s wear summer sun 2020 print trends.

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Children’s Smock Top, ‘Hot Sun Safari’ By Ruth Goodwin

The History of Safari Prints

Safari and animal prints and skins are widely believed to convey power to the wearer. Fabrics with patterns and colors imitating the skins of animals were made into a fashionable dress as early as the eighteenth century when elaborate silk designs emulating exotic furs inter-twined with expensive laces to evoke a sense of luxury and wealth. Characteristics associated with a particular animal, such as the fierceness of a tiger, are thought to be transferred to the wearer through animal-patterned clothing. Animal motifs are also widely regarded as erotic and thus tend to be utilized on clothing designed to attract others.

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Women’s Swimwear ‘Hot Sun Safari’ By Ruth Goodwin

It’s all about On Safari this week utilizing hand-sketched wild animals/mammals such as elephants and tigers in a hot dry desert location giving atmosphere to the pattern. The majority of these animals are now endangered and help is needed in promoting awareness of climate change, it is very ominous that this pattern of a hot dry desert where the animals roam will be like this by 2035. * Animals affected by climate change.

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Home Interior Soft Furnishings ‘Hot Sun Safari’ By Ruth Goodwin

Safari Design Challenge

For this week’s challenge, the designers were asked to design one or two patterns using the brief of On Safari following the latest trends for women’s wear Summer Sun 2020. This week’s response has again been great and the designers have produced some great patterns, using their own creative hand.

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Home Interior Wall Coverings ‘Hot Sun Safari’ By Ruth Goodwin

The Winner – Ruth Goodwin.

Ruth is an Artist, Illustrator and Surface pattern designer based in Essex England. Using her original watercolor and mixed media illustrations, Ruth creates her painterly, fresh and bright designs in Photoshop. Ruth is inspired by nature, animals and botanical’s and loves color and how it can make you feel. Ruth’s work has an ethereal look, which is delicate, free and very typically English in style. Many designs have come from inspiration days out to Kew Gardens, London zoo and Liberty’s, holidays in the country, the Cotswolds, Norfolk, and Whitstable.

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Winning Design ‘Hot Sun Safari’ By Ruth Goodwin

The winning design has been created by sketching all the various animals, and other elements, then uploading to Adobe Photoshop where Ruth has turned her wonder cute sketches into a pattern, and the design has come to life. Using a great color scheme, she has created an on safari design. As above we have featured it on Women’s and Children’s Dresses, Women’s Swimwear, Women’s Top, Soft Furnishings – Cushions, and Wallpaper.

To view or license this winning pattern.

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