Children’s Wear

Children’s Wear market is increasing at an incredible rate. This year sees the largest ever boom in Children’s Wear forecast to grow 12.4 % by 2022. Some think it is the abolish of the one child policy in China, resulting in greater capital expenditure, whereas on the other hand it seems middle class families have more expendable income, which is resulting in parents lavishing huge amounts of money on their children.

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Designer Clothes

Young children are being brought up on designer clothes, so by the time they reach 10 or 11 years old only want to wear designer clothes, making the children’s wear industry grow even more. Mums are taking extra jobs to be able to give their children the best designer clothes!

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The Teen Market

More and more families are taking pictures of their designer children’s wear and uploading to Instagram and alike and others follow the trend! The internet has made a huge different to brands, as soon as a Celebrity such as Prince George or Princess Charlotte are photographed wearing one of the latest fashion brands it is uploaded on the internet and sales of the designer gear go through the roof.

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The Celebrity parent shows a picture of their children wearing the latest designer clothes and others follow suit. The urge to have the same appeals to the mass. Children’s wear designer brands are now offering mini versions of their designer clothes, shoes and handbags, so the celebrity children can also look as good as their parents.

A few of the top ‘Tween’ influencers to follow on instagram:




Surface Pattern Marketplace

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