The Mini Floral Challenge

Design challenge week Eleven. The surface pattern marketplace sends out a weekly design challenge to all creative designers that have joined their marketplace. The weekly design challenge is a great way to really test their creativity and skills. By accepting the challenge they then have to create a design in their handwriting, giving their own interpretation of the challenge.

Small Wild Flowers by Ceci Prints & Flowers

The Mini Floral Surface Pattern

Each week the surface pattern marketplace chooses a topic that is relevant or has recently been in the fashion or home interiors blogs or trend news.

Small Wild Flowers by Ceci Prints & Flowers

Mini Floral Textile Design

This week they decided the challenge on a recent Paris Fashion Show, exhibiting some amazing Mini Floral designs for women’s wear Summer Sun 2020 print trend.

Small Wild Flowers on Women’s Wear

The History of the Floral Pattern

For centuries, the people used real flowers to decorate clothing –  with floral wreaths, bouquets, and brooches. It added a fragrant touch to any attire, personalized an outfit and gave it a sublime scent.

It was during the 12th century China that fabrics beautifully embroidered with flowers and scenes of nature were used in clothing. This trend quickly swept through many other Middle Eastern and Asian countries. By the end of the century, Japan was also using intricate floral embroidery on kimonos.

Small Wild Flowers on Wallpaper

The Mini Floral Challenge

For this weeks challenge the designers were asked to design one or two patterns using the brief of Mini Florals following trends for women’s wear S/S Season 2020. This weeks response has again been amazing, and the designers have worked very hard to create some amazing mini floral patterns using their creative own style.

Small Wild Flowers on Cushion

The Winner

The winner is Cecilia Marta Battaini

Cecilia Marta Battaini aka CeciPrints&Flowers. She is a print designer, illustrator, and writer based in Milan, Italy. She loves to draw, draw and draw, especially flowers and then transform her drawings into patterns. Ceci also makes illustrations for books, greeting cards, textiles, and many others.

Small Wild Flowers on Stationary

Cecilia’s pattern was created by hand sketching the flowers and then by using coloured pencils, she has brought the flowers to life with light and shade she had cleverly created a fabulous design that could be used as a surface pattern for wallpaper or stationary or as a textile design for apparel and soft furnishings.

Designs For License

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Small Wild Flowers Original Pattern

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