The Oriental Challenge

Design challenge week Twelve. The surface pattern marketplace sends out a weekly design challenge to all creative designers that have joined their marketplace. The weekly design challenge is a great way to really test their creativity and skills. By accepting the challenge they then have to create a design in their handwriting, giving their own interpretation of the challenge.

Flowers & Crests by Les Muses & Moi 

The Oriental Surface Pattern

Each week the surface pattern marketplace chooses a topic that is relevant or has recently been in the fashion or home interiors blogs or trend news.

Flowers & Crests by Les Muses & Moi 

Oriental Textile Design

This week they decided the challenge on a recent Milan Fashion Show, exhibiting some amazing Oriental floral designs for women’s wear Summer Sun 2020 print trend.

Flowers & Crests featured on a dress by Les Muses & Moi 

The History of the Oriental Floral Pattern

Floral prints are believed to have originated in the East. They then traveled to the west from the Orient and Asia. The first traders from the East brought beautiful silks printed with exotic flower designs and sold them at very high prices. These ornate silks were very expensive and only the rich in Europe could afford them at the time.

Flowers & Crests by Les Muses & Moi 

The Tales of the Orient ‘Oriental Floral Challenge’

For this weeks challenge the designers were asked to design one or two patterns using the brief of Oriental Floral style following trends for women’s wear S/S Season 2020. This weeks response has again been wonderful, and the designers have worked fantastically hard to create some fabulous oriental floral patterns using their creative style.

Flowers & Crests featured on bedding by Les Muses & Moi 

The Winner

The winner is Corrine Prose from Les Muses & Moi design studio.

Creative duo on stage and in the city, Corinne Prose and Stéphane Dehaumont, respectively Stylist and Artistic Director, combine their talent and imagination to merge marketing, fashion, and trend and give birth to new aspirational concepts. The Les Muses & Moi project is a free reinterpretation of classical works updated and reworked to lend themselves to collections of textile and decorative products.

Flowers & Crests featured on a beach towel by Les Muses & Moi 

Corrine’s pattern was created by hand sketching the flowers and she has brought the pattern to life by clever placement of the Japanese inspired motifs, and using the colours from the brief she has created a fabulous design that could be used as a wonderful textile design for women’s apparel and even as a surface pattern for wallpaper or stationary.

Designs For License

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Flowers & Crests by Les Muses & Moi 

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