About the designs

  • This composition contains 1 pattern and is called – TIE no37 Ribbon stripe
  • Pattern inspired by: Awnings, vintage neckties
  • Pattern created on weave module
  • Patterns are ideal for use on:
  • Apparel: Ties, scarves
  • Interior products: Pillowcases / Bed sheets / Curtains /
  • As this design is too large for upload.
  • Design delivered on purchase: TIFF
  • Design By – Tom Mack of Texstyler
  • For all TEXSTYLER – TIE, GEO, FOULARD, RETRO designs:  This design was created on a dedicated technical textile print+repeat module which produces a flat TIFF pattern. The final design is a high res flat TIFF file. 
  • This TEXSTYLER design is produced as a high res TIFF .  It is not layered and the components/objects are not moveable unless you have a ‘capture’ cut n paste function. Colours are changeable/fillable in any paint bucket function.
  • All TEXSTYLER designs are available/delivered in large format high res TIFF and are available in high res JPG conversions.