Emerging Design Talent

Here at the Surface Pattern Marketplace, we are all about supporting emerging design talent. When we started our marketplace in June of this year we wanted to create a platform that gave new designers the chance to be seen, a place where they can exhibit their collections, gain valuable experience and confidence whilst connecting with buyers worldwide. The new designers feature their latest work, and include a brief story about themselves, their aspirations, their dreams and goals.

emerging design talent


3 months on and we have a great selection of designers from all over the World. Some designers are in their 3rd year at University and are featuring current work, whilst other designer have just graduated University. We also have Artists exhibiting their latest prints, experienced designers that offer mentoring to the new designers, and self taught designers with a huge passion for surface, textile design and  print, are exhibiting current collections.

emerging design talent


Our emerging design talent that are self taught, have taken online courses on surface pattern and textile design with Design Companies such as: ‘Textile Design Lab’. The textile design lab is a great resource for designers to learn from scratch the latest techniques in surface pattern design, and have full access to their 18 online courses, plus weekly art critiques, fantastic resources and tasks set by the team. The textile Design Lab charges £38.00 for a monthly membership, so it’s a great way to get into the surface pattern and textile industry for very little outlay. The other Company that offers online courses in textile and surface pattern design are  ‘Make It In Design’, The make it in design team offer online courses for the beginner or as refresher courses – such as module one – ‘Designing your way’ from £139.00 which offers a fantastic introduction to the process of surface pattern design, plus at various times of the year, they hold summer school and winter school courses all online.

emerging design talent

We welcome new applications from emerging design talent and designers alike. To view our latest designs available by license: New In.