Buyer/Client Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Surface Pattern Marketplace?

Surface Pattern Marketplace is a fresh creative hub for print design. Licensing textile prints for fashion apparel & surface patterns for home and stationery to clients and businesses around the world.

What type of designs do you sell?

The surface pattern marketplace sells digital surface pattern and textile designs from their collection of worldwide creative designers, and also sell bespoke prints or pattern collections through their in-house SPMP design studio.

What type of designs can you produce?

The marketplace designers can produce original seasonal collections, created from catwalk reactive trends or produce original pieces of wonderful vibrant contemporary art prints in their own handwriting.

What type of designers do you have on the marketplace?

You will find an eclectic mix of designers on the marketplace, from *emerging graduate designers to award-winning designers with various forms of handwriting, but if you just can’t find a print that would fit your project or next collection, why not send us a brief.

Do you need to register?

To view our standard license – royalty-free licensed designs and our extended license designs you do not need to register, however, if you would like to view our exclusive premium license designs, you will need to register. This will take a couple of minutes and you will then have an account where you can view, purchase and download your designs.

How do you Purchase?

You can purchase one of two ways:

1 – By Pay Pal:

All the licensed designs are priced, choose the correct license you require and click on the purchase tab, this will take you to the checkout. If you don’t have a pay pal account, you can choose to pay with pay pal guest check out by debit or credit card. You will be able to download the design straight away.

1 – By Pro Forma Invoice:

If you are a company and would prefer to pay this way, please email us at:

We would be happy to send you our payment terms.

What can you use the designs for?

Standard license designs – For personal use, like your personal website header, a scrapbook cover or phone cover, even print them as a piece of art for your home. see standard license information.

Extended license designs – Can be used on commercial production for resale up to 500 units. If you need a larger run of products then our premium license designs would be a better choice, as you buy the design outright giving you total exclusivity on the design and can use for as many products as you wish. See extended license Information.

Premium license designs – They are sold with our exclusive license which means you will own the design outright. For unlimited commercial production. On purchase, the designs are removed from the marketplace. See Premium license information.

Can you upgrade your license?

No, if you purchase a standard license design, you cannot upgrade the design as they are for personal use. Simply, choose and purchase a new design on an extended or premium license which gives you more scope to use on commercial products for resale.

Can you get the design customised?

Yes, but we only offer customisation on our exclusive premium license designs – If you purchase one of our premium license designs, or designers are on hand to offer any customisation you might require to change the size, colourway or format. Just email us after purchase and we will get a quote from the designer to you as to how much the amendments will cost.

What file type will you receive?

Our designers finish the designs in Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator.

Standard License – You will receive a high-resolution TIFF or JPG.

Extended License – You will receive a high-resolution layered and fully editable PSD OR AI file design in repeat unless placement print. For use on only up to 500 units. Great for small print runs.

Premium License – You will receive a high-resolution layered and fully editable PSD OR AI file design in repeat unless placement print. This design is exclusive which means you will have total use of the design and for unlimited reproduction. Only sold once and removed from the marketplace on purchase.

Returns, Refunds on Patterns?

Unfortunately once purchase and downloaded, we are not able to accept returns or offer a refund. However if the file is faulty, or there is a problem with opening the digital design, please contact us and we send you the file again by secure email.

What are your prices?

Our prices:

Standard license designs are fixed at £39.00

Extended License designs are fixed at £65.00

Premium exclusive designs are priced between £150.00 and £650.00

I would like to purchase an extended design but for exclusive use?

If you have found a design that is available on an extended license, then please email us on and we will get in touch with the designer to request if it is possible to purchase the design as an exclusive premium license design. Sometimes this is possible so please do ask.

Does purchasing an exclusive premium license design mean that I own it outright?

Yes, all copyright and intellectual property rights are transferred to you if you purchase an exclusive premium license design from us.

I’d like to make some adjustments to the design/artwork I’m wishing to purchase. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to have custom changes such as artwork/color matching or change the format or size – please email us with your requirements and we will contact the designer to ask if this possible and what cost would be involved to amend the design and contact you with the details.

*The surface Pattern Marketplace supports emerging design talent.

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