Fashion Design

Mario Soares is from Brazil. He graduated in Fashion Design a few years ago.Since Mario was a child, he remembered the creative passion he had and he was always drawing, and would leave them all over his house, and through his drawing he would create an imaginary universe. The wonderful colours, the outdoor nature has always been a huge part of his life, and a great inspiration to him.

Fashion Design - Mario Soares


Mario grew very close to nature, and would spend long days walking in the countryside and sketching as he went, movement, shadows he was intrigued by them all. He would say the world around him has become one of his main sources of inspiration. His passion for drawing led him to choose fashion, but only in whilst in college did he find out about surface design, and soon knew this was the path he wanted to take.

Fashion Design - Mario Soares

Graphic Design

Mario took several courses on drawing, and painting, using watercolor, and gouache as his medium, and also studied digital art, and how it could be worked into surface design. During his time at college he did an internship as a graphic designer and developed his skills with programs like photoshop and Illustrator. At the end of his college Mario started a career as a freelance print designer.

Fashion Design - Mario Soares


Currently Mario works freelance for some national and international studios. He loves to designing and sketch new prints layouts. The main techniques that he uses to create prints are all hand sketched and then adding a medium like watercolor, gouache, and markers,to add colour. Mario never stops learning, everyday brings new challenges and is always experimenting with new techniques and new materials.

Marios Current Collection