Lene is a Danish Graphic Artist. Known to her Colleagues as LWB  – the alias of Lene W. Berg. She is a visual artist and senior graphic designer with a BA in graphic communication from the Graphic Art Institute of Denmark. For more than 10 years Lene has been working as an art director and graphic designer for both small and large Danish companies.

graphic art by Lene at surface pattern marketpalce

Lene was born in Skagen (Denmark) and found her first passion for art at an art school in Skive in 1994. She continued her journey and moved to Copenhagen, to attend another graphic art school as a graphic artist. Through work in etching/printing, lithography and serigraphy, she had several censored exhibitions before attending the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark.

graphic art by Lene at surface pattern marketpalce


Lene’s passion for surface patterns was founded through her graphic art early work in different art forms like etchings and lithography. Today she is driven by the process and her broad experience in many art forms, resulting in a wide variety of surface patterns.

graphic art by Lene at surface pattern marketpalce


Her inspiration comes from many sources, but especially due to a childhood lived by the sea, her graphic art to this day is often inspired from geometrically exciting objects like algae and seaweed and in general the microscopic structure of nature. Her style is often abstract, simple or naïve.


Her ambition for the future is to collaborate with inspiring companies and see her patterns applied to different objects and products. Her dream is to have a studio complete with an old-school printing press, serigraphy and lots of space.To date Lene works freelance with graphic design and surface patterns.

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