The surface pattern marketplace offers modern contemporary designs, with a twist totally unique ‘one of a kind’, designs that stand out. So, for instance our designs can be used for apparel, furniture upholstery, soft furnishings, gift wrap, stationary and packaging.

modern contemporary design for surface pattern marketplace
Graphic Leo by Josephine Walz

Modern Designers

Our highly creative designers are all Modern designers creating designs using inspiration from the mid-1900’s to the present day contemporary designs, and by incorporating simple characteristics in their new modern contemporary designs, such as natural colours with splashes of colour, and clean lines are all part of the new modern decor.

modern contemporary design for surface pattern marketplace
Graphic Flowers by LWB

Contemporary Artists

Normally Contemporary however, refers to decor that is much more current. Our designers at present are currently focusing on the modern contemporary designs, as we feel this is a category that is very popular at this current time, and can be utilised in a number of ways.

modern contemporary design for surface pattern marketplace
Dalia by Pink Chimp

Modern – Contemporary

The new modern contemporary designs can be adapted for various companies for instance used in new homes, wall coverings, furniture and carpets to give a feel of modernism and create a contemporary atmosphere, in buildings, and homes that have not been built in this style.

modern contemporary design for surface pattern marketplace
Vintage Japanese Flowers by K’Ostins

Minimalist – Modern Contemporary

Large converted flats made from very old industrial buildings can look great with a splash of modern and contemporary furnishings and that minimalist look created with the correct design can give a fantastic overall feel of the current contemporary design.

The main area of our business is focused on producing digital ready to print designs that you can download and use straight away, *available by licence as extended license for small runs and and premium licenses, for exclusive use, however a growing area of our business is our bespoke service.

Bespoke Service

This service is growing daily and proving to be very popular. We love to collaborate, and enjoy the challenge to create bespoke designs just for you.

Our designers work with you from beginning to end until you are thrilled with the result. For details please Email:

Browse our latest designs from our emerging design talent and award winning designers, here only at the surface pattern marketplace.

  • Please view license page for specific details on our licenses.

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