Welcome to our New Designers:


Cecilia Marta Battaini

Cecilia is one of our New Designers ,a print designer plus Illustrator and writer based in Milan, Italy. She likes to draw, especially flowers and transform my drawings into patterns. Cecilia also designs illustrations for books, designs greeting cards, textiles and many others. Also vegan and trying to live (almost) zero-waste.

New designers by surface pattern marketplace

Cecilia, Draws freehand sketches and turns them into patterns via Adobe. Customers can view more of Cecilia’s work on our online shop.


new designers by surface pattern marketplace

Laura Caballero

laura cobello - designer surface pattern marketplace

Laura is a new designer, illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Barcelona, Spain.She specializes In hand-drawn water color print and pattern designs. Usually work with photo shop, Illustrator and mixed media. By nature, Laura is full of curiosity and always wants to discover and explore different forms of art and design. After some years working in interior design projects and installations in commercial spaces, Laura took an interest in fabrics and decided to pursue her passion in print and pattern design. Every skill she has learned, and the need to reinvent herself has helped her. Laura’s inspiration comes from nature, music and arts. Although her work focuses on pattern design, she can be found painting and drawing just for fun. Please view below, one of Laura’s recent surface pattern designs below. Click here for more of Laura’s designs.

new designers by surface pattern marketplace

Chantal Newbold

chantal New designer surface pattern marketplace

Chantal is a captivated by the unconventional new designer, most of her work is heavily tied towards the wacky and anything particularly eccentric, that you’ll find both vibrant and bold. Her work tends to be fairly outlandish giving it a slight edge and uniqueness, so if you are into anything eye – popping’, you’re certainly in the right place. Having achieved an FDA in Printed & Constructed Textiles and having subsequently studied BA Fashion, this background has allowed her to acquire a wide variety of highly developed skill sets including, but not limited to; surface print design, screen printing, textile embellishments and hand-drawn illustration for both textiles but also fashion apparel. Additionally, both subjects encouraged her into rapidly gain a strong interest in photography, leading into a strong drive to self-learn the art – a medium which could then be utilized on its own, or incorporated into other aspects of my work such as surface design. As photography is one of my, weirdly, favorite mediums, at the best of times most of my photographs are used to create a striking print. View more of Chantal’s work here.sky blue cage design

I’m sure you will agree the New Designers surface patterns are really stunning and unusual, for more of their fabulous designs take a peak on our marketplace.

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