Sue Schreiber is a creative designer based in the Central Highlands, north east of Melbourne, Australia, and currently loves to create patterns under the wonderful night sky. Sue has a long history in the Arts, starting with a BA in Fine Arts, followed by a Adv.Cert in Illustration, and rounded off with a Cert IV Graphic Design. Her journey has taken her far and wide to finally find what she has been looking for – The world of surface pattern designs.

Sue decided to go back into art in her early 20’s and enrolled into a Ceramic/Fine Art/ Art History Tertiary Orientation Program, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She decided to apply for a Bachelor of Fine Art in Printmaking the following year and got accepted, and this became her life for the next 4 years. It became apparent to her at the time that she did not quite fit the ‘norm’ in Fine arts, as her work was always very decorative.

 surface patterns by sue - for surface pattern marketplace

Upon completion of the degree, Sue exhibited her art and started to tutor students privately for the next 11 years. Still searching for where she fitted in, as her work became more commercial in style. She decided to try to further her education by adding an advanced certificate of Illustration and found that this suited her style a better, but still not quite right. Sue worked as a freelance illustrator, doing a vast variety of assignments and developed my her range of Greeting Cards and continued to also exhibit as an Artist.

sue's patterns - for surface pattern marketplace

Sue then had the unusual opportunity (as a female) to get into Pyrotechnics and eventually started my own Fireworks Display Company, which she still continues today. This was really Art and Patterns on a really giant scale!

It was during a lunch break at a bookstore café, that sue came across a wonderful big book all about a couple of female designers. When she flicked through this book she thought – ‘Wow this is what I have been looking for all my life’! – And came across the terminology of a Surface Pattern Designer, Sue was hooked!

sue's patterns - for surface pattern marketplace

This led to her trying to find someone at that time in Australia that taught this –unsuccessfully. So sue completed a course online. Sue realised that freelance positions required some sort of formal training, and whilst she had qualifications a plenty, she did not meet the criteria to tick that box.  So sue decided to take her art full circle and did a Cert IV in Graphic Design. And this worked, Sue now ticked that magical box of Design.

Sue now works freelance, doing most of her work remotely. Recently designing freelance for a Boutique Studio in LA, and for overseas manufacturers and Sue is in the process of launching her own label. Sue continues to teach and exhibit my own art as well as still creating patterns in the night sky!

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