Welcome to Cveta Dinkova one of our new designers  of sacred geometry to our surface pattern marketplace.

Cveta is an economist by profession, but loves art and design, she loves to create patterns through sacred geometry. Sacred Geometry – is symbolic and has a sacred meaning. Certain geometric shapes and the way that they are aligned, is associated with beliefs that god is the geometer of our world. Geometry is used in the design and construction of many religious buildings, such as churches, temples and mosques.

sacred geometry flower of life by cveta dinkova

sacred geometry flower of life – by Cveta Dinkova

The above composition is called  Mandala Flowers Mosaic Pattern , the pattern was created from her geometric drawings using just a  compass and pencil and coloured with water colour pencils – the hexagon-mandala-Flower of Life.

Cveta started to drawing mandalas in 2010 – She calls them ‘The Flower of Life’ , mesmerized by these ancient drawings, Ceveta began to search for the meaning of the flower and she realized it was an endless book.


sacred geometry by cveta dinkova

sacred geometry 2 by Cveta Dinkova


The designs are found all over the world. In England, Asia, India, Bulgaria.  Every soul feels this geometry in its heart because we carry it in ourselves.

 Cveta loves to be able to show her work to the world.  Her unique style makes her stand out in a crowd. The patterns can be well suited to women’s caftan’s, tunics, dresses, swimsuits. A  very unique way to design patterns .The drawings are known in India – they are called Rangoli.


The above mosaic inspired composition contains 1 pattern, and is called  Modern Moroccan Mosaic Blue Pattern created by taking pieces from my geometric drawings using compasses and pencil  – the hexagon-mandala-flower of Life. It is inspired by the Geometry of the Universe, modern design.

More of Cveta’s unique designs on our surface pattern marketplace.

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