Spring Colours are on the way

It’s February, and were getting closer to spring colours every day. Here at the surface pattern marketplace we are all getting ready for the new season.

Spring colours at the surface pattern marketplace
Floral Leaf Combination by Rahitex Designs

New Season Designs

New season new spring colours are being added daily, with wonderful fresh contemporary feels and floral hues, why is it that when we think spring is on the way, we see amazing bright rejuvenating patterns that make us all feel great and everywhere we go we see wonderful bouquets of flowers reminding us of this fabulous season.

Spring colours at the surface pattern marketplace
Flora Rythm by Rahitex Designs

Spring Colours

The surface pattern marketplace loves spring colours, spring is all about colour, the beautiful pinks in the floral bouquets, the delicate blues and vivid purples, and the greens, ‘oh the greens’, in all shades, deep deep greens right through to the pale sage. If only we could put smell a vision into our patterns, wouldn’t that be fabulous.

Spring colours at the surface pattern marketplace
Pink Floral By Sandipan Rahitex

Floral Wallpaper

Imagine spring colours and a floral wallpaper that you could smell, well, here at the surface pattern marketplace we turn your dreams or ideas into a reality. Our experienced design team has the knowledge, drive and enthusiasm to create a design that resonates to your vision for your brand or company. Our surface pattern and textile designs can be used for a large amount of products from wallpaper, curtains and soft furnishing to rugs, carpets, apparel, gifts and stationary.

Alpine Flowers by Venevette

Designing to Brief

Our marketplace has a multitude of international designers exhibiting and licensing their textile designs on our marketplace. Each designer brings a different take on design, so when for instance a spring colours brief comes in for a specific design, instead of taking the brief in house, we like to send it out to the designers, to give them a chance to design to brief. When finished they are uploaded to the site and the client can then view in their own time. No obligation to purchase.

Send in a brief: brief@surfacepatternmarketplace.com

Spring colours at the surface pattern marketplace
Spring Flowers By Ceci Prints & Flowers

The surface pattern marketplace has a specialist in house design team that can create a bespoke design for you, for more details:

Contact Us: bespokedesigns@surfacepatternmarketplace.com

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