Alice lives in Vienna,  Austria, she launched  ‘Alice Kammerlander Design Studio’ about 2 years ago. Alice designs her textile design, surface patterns, and illustrations, in her studio as well as making small limited edition ceramic home decor products. Alice was accepted to the University of applied arts, Alice took ceramics as her major and graduated in 2005. During the years at university she got a scholarship at the London Guildhall University, which is where she had the chance to delve into painting, drawing and photography etc.  Alice has exhibited some of her work.

While studying ceramics, her most favourite part was designing the surface of either an object or a
product she designed. Alice was very influenced by her teacher, who was from a textile design background.

textile designs by surface pattern marketplace

After having a family Alice longed to get back into creating, so after research Alice purchased the photoshop and Illustrator software and set about teaching herself  how to master textile design digital art and printing, techniques. Alice created my her first online shop, and had some patterns printed, but she see that they did not have the quality, she wanted them to have. She wanted to create more professional patterns. At this point Alice found out about the textile design lab, which had just been launched, and she was so happy that she had found a community of professional designers, who helped her on her way. Michelle and Chelsea are great and very professional teachers!

textile designs by surface pattern marketplace

Alice also took part in Rachel Taylors ABSPD modules (Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design) and
learned a lot about the textile design process itself. Alice has now created her signature style, sophisticated with a twist. Plants, food, and animals are my main source of inspiration. Alice has strong line drawing skills and love to combine these with bolder shapes, brushstrokes etc, and a very sensitive use of color. She likes to use color in warm and muted shades and absolutely loves black and white prints. However it depends on the briefing what medium I would use. Ink, watercolor, Illustrator and Photoshop are my main go to tools.

textile design by surface pattern marketplace

The last years showed Alice, that it is very important, to have your own textile design signature-style in this industry. You have to stand out of the crowd, you have to know how to market, sell your work and
be consistent. All together it´s a lot to take in, that´s why it is a fantastic opportunity to have the Surface Pattern Marketplace to represent the work of new emerging designers and help them to get noticed.

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