Eva  Czapla is a textile design Illustrator, and the founder of, ‘Design by Eva’. Eva started very young drawing and creating patterns, as a child, she loved textile design and decorated lamp shades with cutouts and brought them to life by redesigning with illustrations from her books. At the age of 17 Eva readily took up the job of artistically painting t-shirts for some of her fellow students. The motives ranged from, flowers to Exotic birds. The demand was surprisingly high.

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Eva went on to University and studied fashion and textile design. In 1996 she received the title, “Master of Fashion Design.” from a college in Bielefeld, Germany. During her studies she developed her first patterns for the material to be used in her mode collection. From the various pages of drawings for clothing, she rapidly started to get her own great ideas for textile patterns.

textile design by eva - surface pattern marketplace

After her studies she worked as a freelance designer with a fashion company for textile design and knitting patterns. Eva was out of her  comfort zone, but the company was very satisfied with her work, and she found the work to be lots of fun. As a main factor, Eva was then able to determine her unique handwriting,  and was highly valued for this quality.
Eva then moved on to further her career, which  brought her to a different type of design namely, carpet, fabric and home ware textiles which she found fascinating.

textile design by eva - surface pattern marketplace

In 2002, Eva started her own Company ‘Design Atelier’, and from this point on concentrated on textile design for fabric, furnishings, wrapping paper, carpets, mats and ceramics, for German and foreign producers as well as a large online shops. This lead to a getting an Agent in the UK,  which developed greeting cards and paper products for customers through-out the world.
Her knowledge of textile design, Illustration and pattern complement one another in a perfect way. Eva likes trying new techniques. You could say that her work is an ensemble of collage, Scans, sketches and experimenting with color surfaces. Most importantly, Eva is open to new ideas and creations and collaborations. View Eva’s designs on the surface pattern marketplace.