Trends – what does it mean:

Trend – is a general direction which something is developing or changing – an upward trend direction – in Fashion – Meanings: the tendency, movement, drift, swing, shift, course, current, run, direction, inclination, learning.
Fashion – “the latest trends in modern dance” – fashion, vogue, style, mode, craze, mania, rage;

Why do we follow trends?

Retail fashion Companies follow trends from the catwalk, trend forecasters and so on, but do they really get it right?


This year we saw the largest number of fashion stock left over from the summer than ever before we saw more large companies burn their excess stock instead of selling it off at a reduced price, this was to keep their brand exclusive and to sell the stock off would be detrimental to their brand!

So if they followed trends why did they have excess stock? Did the trend forecasters get it wrong?

why do we follow trends


Here at the surface pattern marketplace, we encourage our designers to use their own inner creativity, vision, and their self-expression to create designs, by using this you get a design that is both visually inspiring and captivating, and who knows they just might get it right!

Self Expression

Everyone thinks we should follow trends, but just think for a second, to be different is good right? to have your own thoughts, interests, and goals is the way we are brought up, fashion designers use this, they use their own self-expression, their creativity, their thoughts to how a garment should look and feel, when designing, and then you see the amazing finished outlandish ‘one of a kind’ creation on the catwalk, nobody tells them they should follow trends, they create from using their own individuality!

why do we follow trends


At our surface pattern marketplace, we offer exclusive premium license designs, that can be purchased outright, extended license designs for commercial use up to 500 units, and standard license royalty-free designs for personal use, that are all unique, not trend driven, and are designed by our emerging designers worldwide. Most of our designers have never exhibited their collections before and are showing here for the first time. They design with their heart, from within, using their individuality and we welcome that, too many times designers lose their handwriting by freelancing for studios, here at our marketplace we welcome the designers that have their own unique style and handwriting and design what they enjoy, what they feel, what they like.

If you would like to see what our wonderful emerging designers have created, using their own individuality click on the link below, and who knows one of our designs may just be right for your next project!

Latest designs available for license. 

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