Hello Everyone,

As you can see we are just about live, still doing a few tweaks here and there. For all of the New Designers that have contacted us, please bare with us we are reviewing your submissions and hope to get back to you all by the end of this coming week.

Our new surface pattern marketplace is for new designers that have either only just left College or University,  freelance designers that may be stay at home Parents, (that may be designing in their spare time), Mature students, or self taught students that have completed some online training in becoming a surface pattern designer, and want to sell some of their designs. The designs featured on our site will be by License only. Designs submitted must be new designs and not for licensing or for sale / sole purchase anywhere else.

We will be selling in one of 3 ways:

  1. By Standard License – the buyer will receive a Jpg of your design and can use it for personal use.
  2. By Extended License – The buyer will receive a AI / PSD File  and purchase a license to use your design for commercial products up to  500 units.
  3. By Premium License – The buyer will receive a AI / PSD File, This buyer is purchasing the  sole rights to your design, so it must be removed from your studio / market place, and you do not own the rights to that design anymore.

We will have 3 prices:

  1. Standard License – £39.00
  2. Extended License – £99.00 – £199
  3. Premium License – £250 – £650

More Updates Coming Soon.

Take Care.

Cat, Tye & Claire