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Creative Marketplace

The surface pattern marketplace is the new go-to creative marketplace for digital prints, surface patterns, and textile designs. Browse royalty-free original prints, exclusively licensed designs from a growing collection of emerging designers, Artists, Illustrators, and experienced textile designers. All designs are created by hand and are finished in ready to print format, for immediate download on purchase.

Freedom of Expression

You will discover an eclectic mix of global designers, from emerging design talent to award winning designers, but they all have one thing in common a passion and love for great design. On this marketplace, we encourage the designers to have the freedom of expression to create in their own style.

Personal Service

The Surface Pattern Marketplace team are on hand to offer a personal service to new surface pattern, textile design, design graduates, by fostering and engaging with them, helping the designers grow. We also have experienced designers, who exhibit their designs, whilst sharing advice and mentoring to the new emerging design talent.

Flair Aptitude & Skill

S.P.M.P designers –  Are sourced on flair, aptitude, and skill and each one brings something different to our marketplace,  Enabling a “Fresh” new take on a design which we hope will delight you on an emotional level.

Who we are /

The Marketplace is run by Cathy Murphy.

For the past few years, Cat has been working as a freelance surface pattern designer, creating patterns for clients all over the world. She specializes in creating patterns for home interiors, soft furnishings, wallpaper, and fabric.

Cathy is a self-taught surface pattern designer, and 3 years ago after finding a fabulous book on surface patterns, she joined the textile design lab, where she learned everything she knows about the art of surface design.

Prior to this, she has been running her own textile design company for the past 11 years, designing and handcrafting bespoke gifts for clients around the world. Cat studied art at school and gained distinctions in art and design at college 30 years ago.

Contact Cathy:

If you are interested in collaborating with the surface pattern marketplace, have a question, or want to give us some feedback or simply just want to introduce yourself and have a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact her.