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Adobe Textile Designer – Beta 7

Adobe Textile Designer is a new plugin for photoshop. Bringing design to a new level, it offers designers the chance to arrange their designs in repeat and change colorways and patterns at a much quicker and simpler process.

Textile Design Features

The new features:

A pattern palette for defined seamless repeats.

Preview palette at different zooming levels.

A colorway palettes for the colour reductions.

Digital colourway algorithm, for using tints of a colour.

A recolor tool.

A snapshot tool for defining multiple different colourways.

A colour reference library.

Plus much much more.

Sneek Peek at the new Textile Designer Beta 7

As you can see from the above image it enables you to easily choose a different background colour and also choose various tints of colour.

This new plugin will make the job of a textile and surface pattern designer much easier when designing patterns for clients, the process will enable them to complete the finished design quicker.

The Design Process

At the surface pattern marketplace, we love the new software and have already had great fun experimenting with it.

Textile Design Process

  • New textile design
  • Created with the new Adobe plugin.
  • Easily placed in repeat.
  • Found the correct background colour.
  • Great Process, easy to use and very sharp finish.

Secret Vines Design by In house design team

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