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Design Challenge 20 / Animal & Floral

The Animal & Floral Design Challenge

Design challenge week 20. The surface pattern marketplace sends out a weekly design challenge to all creative designers that have joined their marketplace. The weekly design challenge is a great way to really test their creativity and skills. By accepting the challenge they then have to create a design in their handwriting, giving their own interpretation of the challenge.

Pink Hibiscus Design by Nadya Basos
Women’s Dress ‘Pink Hibiscus’ Design by Nadya Basos 

The Animal Floral Surface Pattern

Each week the surface pattern marketplace chooses a topic that is relevant or has recently been in the fashion or home interiors blogs or trend news.

Pink Hibiscus Design by Nadya Basos

Animal Floral Textile Designs

This week they decided the challenge on a recent New York Fashion show, exhibiting some fabulous animal mixed with floral prints for women’s wear summer sun 2020 print trends.

Pink Hibiscus Design by Nadya Basos
Children’s Smock Top ‘Pink Hibiscus’ Design by Nadya Basos 

The History of Animal Prints

Animal prints have long been a popular style for many reasons. … Throughout history, kings and other high people have used animal print rugs and such as a sign of status. Animal print became popular for women in the United States in the late 1960s during the Bohemian movement.

Pink Hibiscus Design by Nadya Basos
Cushions Featuring ‘Pink Hibiscus’ Design by Nadya Basos 

Evolved to blend in the natural world, the poor old leopard and his spots have done a fairly good job of standing out culturally. 

Dionysus, everyone’s favorite dissolute, is rarely rendered in poem or painting without his leopard-skin stole, and hardly a winter goes by without sartorial angel Kate Moss photographed exiting London haunts in her faithful faux-leopard.

Pink Hibiscus Design by Nadya Basos
Bedding Featuring ‘Pink Hibiscus’ Design by Nadya Basos 

The Winner – Nadya Basos.

Nadya is a freelance pattern designer based in Lisbon (Portugal). She studied for 5 years in an Art School when she was a teenager, and recently in 2017-2018 Nadya took an illustration course in a school of fine arts in Lisbon. Nadya usually designs patterns in vector format and sometimes using watercolor or ink pen.

Pink Hibiscus Design by Nadya Basos

Winning Design – Pink Hibiscus by Nadya Basos 

The winning design has been created by sketching all the various elements. Coloring them with colors chosen from our brief and then uploading them individually into adobe photoshop where Nadya has turned her them into a pattern, first by using the well-colored leopard print she created as the background, then she has placed the flowers throughout the design. Above, we have featured it on Women’s Dresses, Women’s Children’s Top, Soft Furnishings – Cushions, and Wallpaper.

To view or license this winning pattern.

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