Saumya Sharma is based in Delhi, India. Saumya trained as a textile design graduate in Weaving, and worked for 4 years in the garment and textile industry, but she knew she wanted more. She knew from a young age, that she was going to end up in a creative field. Saumya never saw the world with same eyes as others. Saumya likes to interpret what she sees, and likes to show it through her designs. As a child, She always loved drawing and was always encouraged by her parents. They taught her to find beautiful things around her and she started drawing.

watery daffodils - textile design graduate

Saumya’s interest in art, fabric, and fashion led her to where she is now. In school, She had taken Art as a subject, which is where it all started, and Saumya realised she wanted to turn her passion into a career. Textile design was introduced to her in college where it caught her attention. In Rajasthan, India, you can find beautiful textiles and art all around you in many forms, Being a textile design graduate Saumya now feels this is the ethnicity of her culture which continuously gives her a push to create. Items which have stories behind them always spellbinds her. It thrills her to interpret a story in her way, in an art form, in a print form. Weaving has always amazed her and so do beautiful prints. She loves exploring drawing techniques, mix media art is her favorite way to illustrate.

poppies over poppies - textile design graduate

The majority of Saumya’s work as a textile design graduate is all hand drawn and by almost every beautiful thing around her. which gives her prints authenticity and gives it individualism. Her area of interest in print changes from Geos to florals to animals to ethnic, anything which lets her create a beautiful illustration and prints.  Saumya is always open to learning new techniques, in her area of textile design, forms don’t remain the same. It follows her interest. In terms of illustration also. She has worked on Jacobean, natural florals, Vintage, William Morris, Geos, Tribal, tropical, Animal skin, Animal prints, Boho florals, Textures, Paisleys, Botanicals, Tie and dye, Indigo, Tiles, Baroque, Kilim, Ethnic, Conversational prints and more.


stacked wisdom - textile design graduate

Saumya training as a textile design graduate encouraged her to follow fashion and color trends,  but she also loves to give her prints a new perspective.
Her basic philosophy is to be happy, She believes in peace everywhere, and feels that her hippy soul, free thinking, and being a philosopher, all make her the positive and motivated textile designer she is today.

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