The Paisley Challenge

The Paisley Folkloric challenge week four. The surface pattern marketplace now sends out a weekly design challenge to all creative designers, and illustrators that have joined their marketplace. By offering a weekly design challenge, it is a great way to really test their skills and creativity. By accepting the challenge they then have to create one or two designs in their hand, giving their own interpretation.

Paisley Pattern 002 by PKP

Folkloric Paisley Prints

Each week the surface pattern marketplace chooses a topic that is relevant or has recently been in the fashion or home interiors blogs or trend news.

Paisley Pattern By PKP

This week they decided the challenge from the recent New York Fashion Week show, exhibiting some amazing Paisley patterns for women’s wear 2020 from the top fashion designers.

Paisley Pattern on Cream background by PKP

The Paisley Pattern

The popular twisted tear drop pattern has a Persian (Iranian) origin, but was replicated from silk and wool Kashmir shawls which were first adapted and used on hand looms, and after 1820 on Jacquard looms. Then from around 1800 to 1850, the main weavers from the town which was also named paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland, changed its name to the paisley, and became the main producers of Paisley shawls.

Paisley Pattern on Orange by PKP

The Paisley Challenge

This weeks challenge the designers were asked to design one or two patterns using the brief of Folkloric Paisleys for women’s apparel 2020. This weeks response has again been wonderful, and the designers have really though out of the box and are having producing some exceptional quality work. Our aim for this weekly challenge was to create a brief that was both challenging and fun at the same time.

Paisley pattern on orange top by PKP

The Winner

The winner is Poonkuzzhali, and is known to her friends and family as PKP, She is a surface pattern, fashion and textile designer from Bangalore, India. ​ After PKP graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan, she started working for various fashion companies and designer labels. She continues to pursue her passion for art and design under the name PKP. ​

She now creates exclusive surface pattern designs for fashion and home decor. ​ PKP likes to keep up to date with fashion and international runway trends. As she is from a country with a wonderful history and culture, PKP likes to take inspiration from it and include in many of her designs.

​ PKP like to create each design from scratch, and experiments with different techniques, hand drawings , and paintings. She loves her work and always strives to deliver exceptional artwork and with the highest quality!

Paisley Pattern on Green by PKP

PKP has created a really fabulous design, utilising all the colours given in the brief, and produced a great detailed pattern suitable for women’s or children’s wear 2020 Season. The design shows delicate hand drawn elements of the paisley pattern, and PKP has given an overall 70’s feel to the vibe, with the multitude of colours she has created a wonderful design, which is really pleasing to the eye. The design looks just as good on a top or dress, or even as a tee shirt or swimsuit. To view more of PKP’s designs for license. Please click Here – pkp

Paisley Pattern On Green By PKP

Join Our Challenge

You will need to have an account with us first, click on start selling button on the homepage, complete our registration form, – and then send us 5 JPG images of your most recent work, your CV, and a brief intro as to why you would like to join the fastest growing surface pattern and textile marketplace in the World.

The Origin of the Paisley Pattern

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