Winter Trends

There’s no getting away from winter trends. Weather you follow them or not, they are there running along side our everyday lives. Everything we desire for our homes are mainly designed by trend influencers, from choosing an new paint colour for the lounge, or changing the colour of a throw for your bed, the high street offers us choices, guiding us along from worldwide trends.

Winter Trends by surface pattern marketplace


Winter trends can change and move with the times, and others stay stagnant like the classics we all love and need in our home to give comfort and sustainability. Keeping your home balanced and in order. Winter trends this year are focusing on rich plums, reds, berries, damson colour checks with russet browns, and wood and bark colours, with heavy rich woollens and chunky knitted throws mixed in.

Winter Trends by surface pattern marketplace


For instance the Swedish winter trends look for shabby chic Nordic furniture and painted walls, muted colours, pale and deep grey, white and pale ice blue, still are hugely popular and have major residence in our homes. Adding accents of these colours by way of throws and cushions can completely vamp up a room.

Winter Trends by surface pattern marketplace


The move this season is toward the warm winter trends look, bringing the outdoors in with rustic woodland colours and rich red fabrics in color pops around the rooms. Layering is also a key look this winter season. mix and matching accents of checks and florals and adding touches of the Nordic as we head towards the winter months.

Winter Trends by surface pattern marketplace

Emerging Design Talent

Here at our Surface Pattern Marketplace we support emerging design talent from all over the World, allowing new and recently graduated designers to exhibit their collections for the first time. Allowing the designers to follow their own instincts, if they want to design to trend that is fine, but many like to create their own handwriting, their own style and design from the heart.

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